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Trousers "Gorka 5" (Splav)

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Further development of Bruck "Mountain 4" with a number of improvements. Pants should be used for tourism, as well as a transitional field form mountain infantry divisions. Pants provide high durability, protection from wind and water, have a low weight compared to older models

Warning! Stated size is fully consistent with the similar in the pants "Mountain 4"


  • All buttons Canadian (on tape leg), it is practically impossible to tear. The new suit leg band sewn especially strong tack-zigzags. Most large diameter buttons for easy operation with gloves. Most buttons covered strip to prevent engagement of the surrounding objects
  • The unified system of the knee. Includes removable molded foam inserts from, optional shock-absorbing knee pads D3O (purchased separately!). Significantly increased reliability retention knee pads inside lining through the use of a wider Velcro fastening and a special hidden pocket, which abuts the lower edge of kneepad. Pocket does not slide down the edge of kneepad "break" the Velcro (see. Photo in the catalog). Also to strengthen the reliability of the new sewn around the perimeter of two parallel lines
  • All major seams zaposhivochnye with chain stitch. Loaded tack-place reinforced zigzag
  • All major seams except steps zaposhivochnye with chain stitch. Loaded place reinforced bartacks
  • Avoiding the use of intermediate sink marks on the calf
  • Wide belt loops at the waist. The belt is pulled wide elastic band sewn and adjustable cord
  • The set of braces 40 mm elastic bands with adjustable Velcro fastening on the sides of the belt. Can be undone without removing the jacket
  • Mortice deep side pockets with rounded corners
  • In the new model, only one back pocket on the flap closes with buttons, a convenient entry
  • Roomy thigh cargo pockets with inflection entry, protecting the contents from falling out. In the new model to reduce the thickness of pockets to deal with baggy
  • New lightweight design anthers. Now Bellow, tucked into boots, a continuation of canvas trousers. Top shoe wear protective sleeve nylon amplification in a single layer with wide elastic garter. In comparison with the old model trouser decreased number of layers of fabric, which saves weight and facilitate drying
  • In the new model, all in contact with the body parts are made of blended fabric lining instead of nylon mesh to protect against burns and more tactile comfort


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