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Assault Overall "Alpha"

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Overalls assault GHA anti-terrorist "Alfa" Coverall is designed for short-term operations with limited volume at work while wearing high-altitude equipment. Coverall allows to move freely in the underground communications, the ruined city building, which is located in the motor vehicles and armored vehicles. Coverall is usually worn over the main clothing and equipment, but can be worn on clothes as easy field suit. Ease of movement in a limited volume, is provided in the absence of overalls protruding parts (by volume pockets, straps, valves, shoulder straps) suit all pockets flat, overhead, zipped processed in the frame. The property, which requires immediate access, located in the four patch pockets. Two flat pockets without flaps placed on the chest at the top of shelves, for easy access zip pockets vertical, zippered treated in the frame, to the castle - the cursor snaps tape, for ease of opening with gloves. Two flat pockets without flaps located on the sides at the hips and fastened on the horizontal zippers treated in the frame (processing box provides lightning protection against litter and clinging protruding objects, but there is no need for an outwardly projecting valve), in these pockets, for example You can place the gloves, empty of weapons stores. For quick access to the main pockets of personal clothing shelves and front halves of trousers jumpsuit fastens from top to bottom (from collar to hem pants) two detachable zippers - tractors, four cursors. Such a buckle suit allows you to quickly put on and take it, and also to celebrate the natural need. buckles Zippers are also processed in the frame for protection against mechanical damage and clinging. Access to trouser pockets primary uniforms, carried out through the side welt pockets without burlap zipped - "tractor" treated in the frame. For tight fit of the figure (when wearing mountaineering gear), bottom of trousers, sleeves, waist, lace jumpsuit pulled together with a rubber band. For a quick on and off the overalls, cuffed sleeves and fastens with a zipper, processed in a frame. Overalls reinforced second layer of fabric on the sleeves to the elbows, and trousers to the knees. On the wrong side of the trousers and the sleeves have slits with leaves, through which can be inserted into the pockets formed by the second layer of fabric, pieces of polypropylene or rubber mats to protect elbows and knees in falls and crawling. This eliminates the need for bulky knee and elbow pads. Standing collar, in two versions - knitted inlay fabric or stand with an extra zipper on the stalemate with textile fastener "Velcro" ( "linden", "burr", "Contact"). Sleeves cut "raglan" that allows you to conveniently wear overalls equipment, winter clothing, bullet-proof vests. ALPHA overalls made of mixed fabric (57% cotton 43% polyester) with plain weave yarn reinforcement (rip - stop) density of 230 gr. . / M, or twill weave (67% polyester 33% cotton) density of 210 g / m Colours: black, olive, British camouflage DRM - 68 Soviet tricolor deforming drawing arr... 1944 "Palma".

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