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Combat Trousers SSO

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The product is intended for professional soldiers, and for those who need reliable elements of uniforms for active use. Sizes 46 to 60; growth of 3 to 6. Other sizes are available on request with possible changes on the final cost. Fabric: Ripstop 50/50 cotton / polyester. Colour: Ataxx, the Multicam, range, range-squaw. Pants are cut free. The lap portion having a rigid textile insert and reinforced with several layers of fabric on the outside, for greater convenience, a little overstated in the back. There are five variables antabok with the dial located at 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 hours. They are made of two-layer fabrics and belts allow the use of up to 50 mm wide. In the front waist of the trousers fastened with a broad elongated lock Velcro (allows a little bit to adjust the volume when zastёgivanii) and reliable shirinochnoy zipper company YKK. At the rear, below the belt, on top of the gluteus maximus, passes a small, wide trousers, insertion of special fabric (100% polyester) with the effect of stretch - for a more snug fit products on the figure. In front of the pants, just below the belt, located on both sides of the deep classical mortise pockets. Below, on either side, there are large (200h190 mm) overhead side hip pockets, closed valves on the two locks, Velcro. These pockets have three vertical mortice wedge, if necessary, slightly increasing their volume. In addition, on each trouser leg there is one small (140h100 mm) Front overhead hip pocket, closes the valve shut-Velcro. Small pocket has one vertical mortise wedge for a small increase in volume. Absolutely similar small pocket also has right and left on each of the trouser legs, at their lower edge in the area of ​​the shin. At the rear, on the side of the gluteal pants below the waist, right and left are two major (200h160 mm) mortise pockets, closable compact valves on locks-Velcro. Each of the leg, to the knee, has a square mounting socket with mating velcro lock on the inner perimeter, for the installation of a special hard kneepads production "CCO" (fit and imported counterparts). Under these jacks have wide-leg knee insert from a special fabric with stretch effect (100% polyester) for a snug fit. Crash-land on the joints knee pads provide sewn on both sides, in the popliteal region, adjusting "ears" on stickers and passing inside leg, the vertical lines with the regulating part, hidden in the upper mortise pockets. Bottom of trouser leg sections are reinforced with a double layer of fabric, and their width is regulated sewn "ears" on stickers. All products are made straight seams seam "straight line." Pockets and flaps sewn using the "zaposhivochnogo seam" with a double hem. The corners are reinforced pockets tack like "zigzag".

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