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Jacket "TSU-2"

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Made special for Special Forces.

The second generation suit TSU, made according to the wishes of users. Production stopped, replaced by a jacket "TSU-3"

Innovations in the second generation:


  • Thicker type of thread as compared to a standard
  • Velcro on all pockets, front zip and cuffs sewn Patach not only on the perimeter, but also diagonally to remove the load from the edges (protection against shedding Velcro). Additionally, side loaded Velcro sewn twice or thrice
  • All pockets with Velcro defer the edges and folds flat to make accurate species
  • Slightly increased the width of the flat breast pocket "Napoleon" zipped towards the armpits
  • Stand-up collar with a button instead of the standard American-style Velcro. Collar becomes softer, velcro strap does not spoil the equipment and weapon belts
  • One compartment pocket for pens has become more inclusive to use markers and tactical pens


General description:


  • The cut of the jacket is based on the ACU
  • The unified system of protection elbows, optional protective inserts, elbow pads D3O. Included with the jacket are the anatomical protectors, made of soft foam
  • Compared to the original suit ACU jacket slightly shortened front, it has an optimal length, while the waist is not laid bare at the slopes
  • The jacket fastens with a zipper and Velcro, and in comparison with ACU Velcro one more, to more accurately appearance and reliability
  • On the chest flat pockets "Napoleon" zipper (for documents), equipped with a lightning "traps" locks for more secure fastening. Top sewn roomy volume sloping pockets with Velcro
  • Inside breast pocket with Velcro has a system of internal organization in the form of several voluminous pockets, the top of which pulled sewn rubber for better retention of content. These pockets are convenient for placing small items (folding knives, multitools, flashlights, lighters, etc.). Also, in each volume pocket stitched on one D-ring for hanging carabiners
  • Above the breast pocket sewn Velcro for attaching tape name
  • Pockets on the sleeves with Velcro, oriented at a comfortable wrist angle and have an optimum depth. Velcro sewn on the pocket area of 10 × 10 cm for mounting chevrons. If necessary, it is easy to otporot since Unlike ACU is not tied buckling pocket
  • Pocket for pens on his left forearm, by analogy with the ACU
  • Unlike the original jacket ACU, Velcro on all pockets and front zip jacket oriented so that the smallest way to scratch your hands, gloves and spoil the rest of his clothes (contact occurs mainly with soft Velcro loops)
  • Using zaposhivochnyh (the castle) with a chain stitch seams, lots of tacks in stressed areas



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