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Summer Suit "ACU" SSO (Army Combat Uniform)

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Product Code:Summer Suit "ACU" SSO (Army Combat Uniform)
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We present our army costume US sample ACU (Army Combat Uniform). In recent years, a suit has won universal recognition among military professionals throughout the world, as a comfortable, functional and versatile combat uniforms. ACU suit version of our production in no way inferior to foreign analogues, performed according to the original American standards of high-quality modern materials. The suit is suitable not only for military operations but also for a wide kind of active work in the field, and urban environments. Sizes 46 to 58; growth of 3 to 6. Other sizes are available on request with possible changes on the final cost. Fabric: Ripstop 50/50 cotton / polyamide. Colour: olive, black, kink, ataxia, Multicam, of Woodland, Spectrum, Spectrum SCWO. The costume consists of a jacket and trousers. The jacket is made not too long, buttoned position in its lower section is slightly below the waist. Stand-up collar fastens with Velcro lock. One of the edges of the collar can be folded and locked, with his hand, additional Velcro, leaving himself open collar. The jacket fastens to the front, from the lower edge to collar, durable nylon zipper YKK. Lightning strip covered, fixed by three locks Velcro: top, middle and bottom. In front, in the chest of the jacket, right and left, there are over a small (160h130 mm) flat pockets. Vertical entrances to these pockets, slightly oblique vertically (for ease of access), located by the central zipper, and reliably close the valves on the small castles, Velcro, across the width of the entrance. Just above each breast pockets, horizontally arranged on a sewn strap with mating Velcro for attaching identification signs and chevrons. Another similar small area for fastening of chevrons located in the central chest of the jacket on the outside of the strap covering the zipper. On the jacket sleeves, in their upper part, there are pockets on (160x120 mm) with a lateral mortise wedge for a slight increase in volume. These pockets are very useful in cases where access is hindered the breastplate worn on top of the additional gear. Sleeve pockets closed valves on the double lock-Velcro. For convenience, these valves each have an additional strap, for which you can grab a gloved hand, or if the hand was frozen or injured. If they are not needed, you can remove the strap under the valves, fixing them on the inside with Velcro. The entire outer area of ​​the arm-pockets, including the surface of the valve, trimmed mating Velcro, forming a convenient platform for attaching patches, chevrons and decals. In the upper part of the spinal cord, with its right and left edges, jacket has two concealed vertical mortice wedge. These wedges give the user more convenience while difficult and sharp movements, not constraining and without pulling the fabric, as well as promote better ventilation back in hot weather. Sleeves of the jacket, in the region of the elbow joints have lock-sealable Velcro, flat pocket-lining of an additional layer of fabric. If necessary, in the pocket, you can insert a piece of "skin" to form a soft inner elbow. Cuffs reinforced with a double layer of fabric, regulated and fastened with Velcro locks. ACU pants suit have free tailoring. The waist of the pants reinforced with a double layer of fabric, has an internal adjustable utjazhki integrated cord. Outside the belt part there are seven variables antabok with the dial located on the 1, 3, 5, 6, 7, 9 and 11 hours. antabok size allows the use of trouser belts up to 50 mm wide. Shirinochny slit trousers and four plastic buttons are covered with a valve from a double layer of fabric. In front of the pants, just below the belt, located on both sides of the deep classical mortise pockets. Below, on either side, there are large (240h200 mm) overhead side hip pockets, closed slightly sloping (forward and downward from the horizontal) valves on the two locks, Velcro. These pockets have three vertical mortice wedge, if necessary, slightly increasing their volume. In addition, hip pockets, at its upper edge, can be slimming integrated rubberized cord with a plastic clamp. There are also small pockets (170h100 mm) on the outer sides of both shins. The pockets are closed with small valves in the double lock-Velcro. Two, shut-off valve on the two buttons, mortise pocket (140h170 mm) located in the gluteus maximus of the pants. Sciatic part reinforced double layer of fabric. The lower sections of trouser legs are also reinforced with a double layer of fabric and slimming belts. In the area of ​​the knee joint arrangement both trouser legs have a lock-sealable Velcro, flat pocket-lining of an additional layer of fabric. In these pockets, if necessary, insert "foam" to create an internal soft knee pads. All seams are straight products are made according to the technology. Made from Durable fabric, and edited by SSO. Great suit for hot weather. Used by Russian Special Forces (FSB Alpha, and etc). 

Made in Russia

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