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Winter Jacket "MDD-3" SSO

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Jacket marine commando demi "DMD-3" windproof jacket with removable insulation, the top coat of the mixed fabric plain weave (57% cotton, 43% polyester), with polyester reinforcement thread (Rip - stop), the lining of a light fabric plain weave 100% polyester, with a special impregnation. Removable insulation jackets quilted polyester, hollow fiber thermally connected, weighing 200 gr. / M., The upper part of the lining of removable insulation fleece (100% polyester). The fibers and fleece minimally absorb moisture and dry quickly - it provides good heat retention. Insulation is tacked to the buttoned jacket, and repeats its construction. Removable insulation can be worn separately as a jacket or wear a windproof or other warm clothing. This board fastened with buttons, which fastens to the windscreen insulation jacket. By lining removable insulation jackets pritachivaetsya special windproof apron with a rubber cord and tie in the wings, apron fastened in front with two buttons and loops. Apron does not allow to penetrate the cold air and snow under a jacket. Bottom sleeves removable insulation regulated knitted, woolen cuffs. . Windproof jacket without a collar, a stitch in the neck of the hood of three parts, and nine pockets to accommodate the necessary property. Back and shelves jacket with skirt sewed and stitched outer side scene with her a cord threaded through the two plastic stoppers. The bottom of the jacket, is also governed by a cord with two stoppers, threaded into the scenes. Bottom of sleeves regulated patami textile fastener "Velcro" ( "Velcro"). Hood jacket is regulated by the volume of the two cords threaded into the scenes, with stoppers and patoy textile fastener "Velcro" ( "Velcro"). . For what - to the jacket does not ride up when active operations, armholes are very wide - 40 cm jacket pocket placed as follows: two of volume, patch pockets on the chest and floors, on each shelf, with tuck flaps - necks . The design of the valve, does not allow to fall out of his pocket small items, such as parachute jumping. The valves are fastened to special plastic hinges "Canadian" buttons. Diameter 20.5 mm buttons, they are attached to the fabric legs (conventional buttons sewn onto the legs of the thread, is passed into the four holes, and "Canadian" buttons have two rectangular slots into which threaded braid, pritachivayuschayasya to the top of the fabric). One welt, vertical pocket with leaves, placed on the chest of each shelf. These pockets are fastened with plastic fasteners "lightning" with cords on the cursor - for the convenience of warm gloves or mittens; on the left sleeve of one invoice, volumetric pocket with flap fastened with a button with fabric leg. On the shelves lining the left, placed one internal patch pocket, zipped. The lower part of the backrest placed special lining, large pocket without valve, measuring 70 by 30 cm, the mat -. Pallet.

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