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Bandana COMFORT digital flora

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Bandana (Hindi bandhana - tie) - Headdress in the form of a scarf or scarf big size. Traditionally, bandanas are made of multi-colored fabric with patterns. Bandanas are tied up both on the forehead and around the neck (neck scarf).

In Central Asia, similar dressings were worn by horsemen in hot weather instead of caps.

Before the collapse of the Soviet Union and the emergence of foreign missionaries from Islamic the Muslim countries of Central Asia tied a traditional handkerchief like a bandana.

And today, despite the active canonical and Koranic sermon Shariah form of clothing - hijab, young and old mullahs,who graduated from foreign and local madrassas, many older women continue to to tie a scarf in the form of a bandana.

In 1984, a new camouflage was created: monochrome rectangles,mixed in complete confusion, but with strict observance of the horizontal and verticality of the parties. Because of this pattern, similar to the configuration pixels on the monitor screen, the camouflage was called Pixel or Digit.

Theoretically, because of the peculiarity of the perception of the pixel by the eye,Camouflage The figure more violates the symmetrical outlines of the one who dressed in such suit
human, vision is dissipated and optical illusions arise.

Material: 100% cotton

Density: 160 g / m. sq. m.

Brand Russia
Weight 0.060
Material cotton
Colour green number

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