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Matryoshka is a Russian wooden toy in the form of a painted doll, inside which there are similar dolls of smaller size. The number of nested dolls is five,only six.

Usually they have the form of an egg with a flat bottom and consist of two parts: the upper and bottom. The lower halves have a connecting shoulder that coincides with the notch at the upper halves.

The Russian wooden doll was called a doll. It was not made by chance.

In the pre-revolutionary province, the names Matryona and Matryosh were considered to be among the most widespread women's names, which are based on the word "mother".

These names were associated with the mother of a large family good health and a burly figure. Later it became a household name and it meant a latched, disassembled colorfully painted wooden product.

But even to this day, Matryoshka remains a symbol of motherhood, fertility,Since a doll with a numerous puppet family perfectly expresses shaped base of this most ancient symbol of human culture.


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