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Pioneer tie - a red neck scarf tied in front of a special a symbol of belonging to a pioneer organization, a symbolic particle the banner of the pioneer organization. The three ends of the tie symbolize the unbreakable communication of three generations: communists, Komsomol members and pioneers.

The special knot of the pioneer tie was simple in execution: the children quite easily learned how to make a simple knot twice so that the right end of the tie was always wound on the top left (or vice versa) [1].

Pioneer ties were produced in different shades of red and from different tissues. The most massive was the release of red and orange ties from acetate silk. In the straightened state this tie is an isosceles triangle with a base of 100 cm and a height of 30 cm (sides about 58.3 cm). The mass model was produced by hot pruning and began to blossom around the edges in a few years of wearing.

Stitched around the edges of ties was difficult to buy, they differed slightly darker than scarlet, color - closer to red.

Brand USSR
Weight 0,012
Material silk
Colour red

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