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Vest "Nerpa"

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The vest is designed to carry ammunition for small arms (AK-74, AKM, AK-103), signaling means (CPR, EPR) in a limited volume (inside the armored vehicles, underground communications, urban development). The layout and design of the vest allows you to easily customize it to fit and increase the soldier (chest from 96 to 124 cm, height from 160 to 195 cm). The vest consists of four parts: two infants panels, one back wraps and shoulder straps. Between a panel and shoulder straps are joined with polyester straps 25 mm threaded into the adjustment, steel buckle with three slits. Excess belt slides and retracts the clutches of the braid - gum. In infants panels placed four pockets (two each) for the mag.s to small arms and four pocket signaling means (two each). Each pocket is located on the two mag.s, divided inner pocket removable, plastic partition fastened to the pocket textile fastener "fasteners" - Velcro. For stiffness pockets sewed frames plastic 1 mm thick. Closed dust flaps fastened pockets textile buckle "Velcro" - Velcro and brass button - turnstile closed from dirt "flag" of the belt. CPR - RRR shlёvkami held in pockets, fastened with Velcro - Velcro. For the convenience of socks in the lining of the thoracic and dorsal panels stacked shock izolona of 5 mm thick. For better ventilation to the lining pritachivaetsya mesh (100% polyester). In infants mesh panels form internal pockets with zipper - zipper. The pockets are stacked waterproof liners for papers and documents from the safety cord sewn to the panel. Seat belts fit vest in size, used for mounting on the rear panel of the thoracic and additional equipment (bags for hand grenades F-1, RGD-5, RGS, RGN, cover with a jar, bag of property) with the help of mounting PALS (MOLLE). At the bottom of the pectoral and back wrap panels sewn ten unbutton shlёvok (textile clasp fastens "Velcro" - Velcro and a button). With the help shlёvok to the vest fastened a seat belt which relieves some of the load off the shoulders and serves to mount additional equipment (bags for hand grenades F-1, RGD-5, RGS, RGN, cover with a jar, various bags and cases for property bag VOG to -25, under-barrel grenade launcher 25P to GP-25). Additional equipment is attached to a belt or shlёvkami metal hooks - clips (clips) from the latches of ALICE. The shoulder straps trimmed with straps for fixing additional equipment (PPI covers, first aid kit, radio) with fastening PALS (MOLLE). For the convenience of socks heavily laden vest in the shoulder straps of the shock absorbers are inserted izolona 10mm thick. For better ventilation shoulder straps cut out the lining from 100% polyester mesh. The vest fastens with two quick-lock plastic width 25mm length adjustable strap and two steel keys. The vest is made from 100% polyester fabric olive - green color density of 900 gr. / M² water-repellent polyurethane coating. Colors: olive green, black, Russian figure.

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Vest "Nerpa"