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Stich Profi

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Pouch based on molle,for placing your knife in sheath.   ..
Original item.    MOLLE system is designed for attachment to her ballistic armored shields VAST-LM or VAST-VM is equipped with PAL-c
Poucher double plastic  with fastening Tek-Lok. Designed to carry two spare magazines for the pistol Makarov modified Stechkin automatic pistol o
Pouch for individual medical bandage pack "Alpha" for mounting tactical gear on the MOLLE system. Pouch for PPIs may buy the olive colors, d
Wide MOLLE system warbelt designed for fixing your loin and stomach muscles from trauma when you carrying heavy gear like machine gun with ammo. Ca
Poucher double plastic №3 with fastening Tek-Lok. Designed to carry two spare magazines for pistols Yarygin, Viking, Grand Power T-10, Grand Power T-1
This Adapter allow you to place your Fast Holster from Stich Profi on standart Molle platform. Made from durable ABS plastic. Can be attached to an
Warbelt lumbar discharge sectional MOLLE textile, tactical, multi-function, semi-compatible with tactical belt and shoulder unloading system MOLLE.
Pouch for circular 75-round magazine "snail" Kalashnikov machine gun to manual (7.62) equipped with a PAL-cells for attachment to the ammuni
Tactical Holster plastic quick-lock mechanism and a fixed angle to the gun Yarigin   Purpose: Yarygin pistol and wearing as quickly as poss
Simple straps for any Molle warbelt. Light and small, they will works great under any plate carrier or full-sized bodyarmor. Adjustable, and have rubb
Plastic Poucher, production companies Stich PROS, , the mag. allows you to have a AK mag bullets down. Snag is done with the left or right hand. Equip
Plastic holster with quick-locking mechanism and a fixed angle for a gun PM / PMM (Model №36)   Purpose: carrying a pistol PM or PMM and as
A distinctive feature of this product - it is detachability. Vest with a few quick movements can be divided into two parts, allowing you to remove the
Belt Tactical Single Point №2 with rubber bands and soft padding, textile, adjustable, versatile, small-sized automatic weapons for domestic and forei
MOLLE holser with ajustment for wide variety of handgun form like PM, Grach, APS, or any other Russian or NATO pistol. The top valve can be removed
Original item.  Plate Carrier designed by SAPI plates and ESAPI, and provides a high level of comfort, security and maneuverability fighter. I
This is an updated version of the earlier produced us gidratsionnyh systems (the main purpose of which - the transport and fast access to large volume
Designed to carry and retrieve a pistol Glock 17 . The holster is made so that the retention of the gun is due to the design of the holster over the t