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Shoulder straps SA SA of the rank and file USSR ..
Suspension of bayonet knife AK is made of genuine leather of red color. The design of the product is quite simple. It is a connected with the help
The buckle, with which the strap fixes, is painted in gold with the image of a five-pointed star. ..
Rims for the Navy ceremonial gold galloon with 2 black lumens and edging with black cloth. Top with bevel. ..
Cover for Mosinka and some other weapons is a textile product made of tarpaulin,which is used for proper storage and easy carrying of the above models
The army kettle is a domestic sample,It is a metal container with a steel handle,a bowler with a volume of about 2 liters, a round bowler. Bowler (arm
Rasp shoe is designed for processing leather, rubber. Rasp is a kind of tool such as a file. The rasp has the largest and most important sharp notc
Shoulder straps pupil VMU, 1990's military musical school of the Russian Federation in the 1990s. Red with yellow edging and the inscription VM
An army aluminum plate is designed for second courses. A practical, very light dish is perfect for a freshly prepared army porridge on a fire.
A sanitary bag designed to store and carry medicines to provide honey. assistance in field conditions far from the source autonomous support. Bag volu
Straight striped shoulder straps with beveled upper edge of black color,with 2 clear and tapered edges in red ..
Soldier's belt of the field model of 1955. Was created to carry field equipment. Belt relied on sergeants and soldiers. From everyday he was di
A square file is intended for highly efficient processing of blanks from various materials. The file has a square profile and a double notch. The t
The ice ax looks like a pickax, it consists of a head, a bayonet and a handle. The head also has a beak and a shovel. For ease of use, an ice hose
Shoulder straps for the military personnel of the cream-colored navy are clean for the rank and file on the shirt Shoulder straps are removable, made
Handle for file, wooden The wooden handle is designed for use with file lengths of 150 mm. Made of wood, convenient in shape and size. Has an empha
Cap military-field, used in the ranks of the armed forces of the Russian Federation, refers to the summer clothing. Such a cap is used in the daily
Straps of the River Fleet 7 category black Corresponds to 7 positions. Size of shoulder strap: Length 11.5 centimeters Width 4.8 centimeters
The ramrod for the revolver Nagan helps prevent chemical erosion of the gun's trunk channel. Due to its timely and proper use, the Nagan and it
Flat file has a universal flat shape, which will easily, quickly and effectively handle  with the processing of wide surfaces of solid workpieces
The forehead is a decorative element used most often in flags compositions,it is designed to decorate and complement the entire structure as a whole.
The sailors of the sailor of the Navy of the USSR 70-80 years. The color is dark blue, with the letter F. ..
The troopers use helmets for parachute jumps in military trainings. Made of natural cloth, with elongated ends that can be fastened under the chin wi
RD-54 backpack is made of avi-type and includes a backpack, shoulder straps to it, a cover for an infantry scapula,bags for two hand grenades and bags
Airborne shoulder straps on gray overcoat with 2 blue gaps (pair) Top with bevel. The basis is cardboard. ..
Pads on the handle of the TT gun were used to equip the handle of the gun. The product fits snugly against the projected plane. The fastener was in
Shoulder straps CA (blue) VDV USSR. Couple. The color is blue, the letters are yellow plastisol. New, with storage. Made in USSR. ..
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ORIGINAL RUSSIAN SOVIET ARMY STRIPPER CLIPS FOR SKS, 7.62x39! NEW! Brand: Unbranded Country/Region of Manufacture:
A small army combined-arms button for land forces, intended for wearing on headdresses and other elements of the field clothing form. The button has a
Major General of the Aviation Shoulder straps USSR ..